There are probably always reasons to dissent, especially in countries with obvious decadence because they have more unemployment and debt, and less per capita income that continuously lowers. Demographic decline, a disappearing middle class, reduced private activity and a growing public sector foresee countries being ruined. People can live well in a ruined country, but do not have excellent institutions, and can only have many excellent individuals. Naturally plenty of people prefer to look the other way given interests, ignorance or relaxed ethics.

Soft totalitarianism, that looks like freedom because there are no soldiers suppressing people on streets, and formal elections take place, corrodes institutions and countries’ future. Legions of paid intellectuals favour tyrants and, therefore, dissidence is necessary. Even empires without sentries disappear. Regardless of them being mistaken or right, here you will find some suggestions to improve Spain, which are actually research works expressing views. Some might be useful even for other countries because, unfortunately, many bad things are spread by technology and globalism; hence the bilingualism. Dissident views are invited, provided they are not obvious.